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Examples of our Commercial and Residential installations


Harvey Norman Commercial
Harvey Norman Commercial
burger Love 1
Burger Love 5mm Vinyl Planks in two colo
Spotted Gum 5mm Vinyl
Polished Concrete
Merri Health Carpet Tiles
Laminate Stairs installed
Hybrid Floors
Bayside Shopping Centre Frankston
Scruffy Joes Greensbough
Knox shop Vinyl Planks
5mm Vinyl Planks
Vamos Melbourne CBD
Hybrid Titaniun colour
Degani Mernda Installation
2 level office block in CBD in Natural B
Engineered Spotted Gum
Tivoli Com
Preparation & Leveling
Concrete Grinding
Epoxy Resin
Ceramic Tile Removal
Polyurethane Finishes


Check out more of our flooring installations on Instagram @ indurofloors

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